Our most cherished moments are often seen as useful tools to inspire and propel us in our work, and through our every day life. We all develop appetites too – tastes we have tried, tested and returned to for a chance to experience how they made us feel for the first time.

Being able to describe these things in a specific and interesting way can be a very useful tool for a writer to possess. Think of Roald Dahl and all the amazing imagery he has conjured with his words…leading to countless adaptations of his books into many visual mediums.

There are many different tools, and they are all pieces of a whole. As human beings we often get tunnel vision, and it is always a thrilling experience for me to reacquaint myself with old experiences or objects; not for nostalgia, but to fuel the fire, keep things fresh and broaden my mind with nuances I might not have noticed before.

As I’m typing in my London flat I can hear rain and thunder from beyond the open kitchen door, and it is reminiscent of times stretching as far as I can remember, accessible only when I hear that crack in the sky. These accessible memories aren’t dependent on an emotional reference, only one of instinctual human attentiveness, committing them to memory. Of course our memory is our most vital creative tool.

There are also the devastating, tragic and traumatic experiences we have, that throw our sense of certainty around like a cat in a washing machine. To recall these moments and use them as tools might seem a macabre or unsavoury practice, but like our most cherished memories, these too are colours on our palette.

I am currently on a sabbatical from my day-job, taking time to reflect, observe and write new music. After about four weeks I am already feeling a world of difference, and the most significant change has been the rediscovery of my whole palette. Some of the colours and shades of which were previously dismissed or ignored. It has been liberating and empowering so far, so I’m going to continue.

The alchemy of any creative process commands the use of our experiences and observations, and I implore any of you who feel a bit stuck in a rut to take a bit of time to step back, rediscover your true colours, and use the full spectrum. I’m playing my first solo acoustic show tonight in a long while, and showcasing some new material. I intend to use my full palette!

have a great weekend \m/