This is the home of the Sawsound – live band / music collective based in London. We make original music in a hippy chai style alchemic brew – notes of  reggae, Jazz, rock and blues among others are simmering right now, you’d better turn it up and give it a taste. “There is no thinking here, take off the MASK your face has fit to.”

FAQ 1. What does the name mean?

A: Synaesthesia – one sense activating another, i.e. seeing colour when you hear a certain sound.




Vote For Lettice!

Vote For Lettice Rowbotham in the Britain’s Got Talent Final.
Here is some live footage from backstage at Buddhafield Festival, when she last graced us with her presence on stage. Look at her go!

Go on Lettice!!!

As long as I’ve known her, Lettice has been a prophetic and inspirational spirit, using music as her language to guide her onwards, and with her pitch perfect improvisation she is unstoppable with a bow, She definitely meets any criteria for a tent related prize…no contest!

Please vote for our friend and a true artist on Britain’s Got Talent.
From all of us at the Sawsound camp, we wish you all the best Lettice!

#6 Like a Dwarf in a Urinal…

I’ve got to keep on my toes…

Working on a self-employed basis in London Hospitals thankfully helps keep me balanced, forcing me into a routine, if only for three days in the week. I won’t go into what I do; bringing it up only to highlight the contrast with the creative process.

In the creative arena things can swiftly shift between sublime streams of productivity, to a rehearsal where all that is achieved is a need for headache remedies. What’s your poison?

This contrast within my weekly routine and craving for balance has led me to record sound-bites of me shouting (at myself). I set alarms throughout the day when these go off. One says “Get the hell out of the bath!” and a couple of hours later another says “It’s too early for wine!” I’m sure most employed people have someone to do this for them; I do miss the sense of comradery in an office when a crack of a whip is heard!

There must be hundreds of books on the subject of achieving balance, but surely this is something personal, individual, and best discovered first hand. If we are the masters of our own destiny, then I have a problem understanding the authenticity of my own intuition. Who knows where that voice is coming from? How much should it be trusted, and what should be thrown out as delusion?

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.”
-Henri Poincare

Intuition seems to be the most valuable ‘commodity’; knowing what lies ahead. Some people seem to just instinctively or perceptively know what’s coming, and can crack their own whip in anticipation. I long for us to be free of the Machiavellian games […]

#5 – Throw Caution to the Wind

“I’ve seen things that you people wouldn’t believe. All of those moments will be lost, like tears in rain. Time to die…”

As artists there are many distractions and vices that keep us from our work. None of us have long to live, so when we get the chance to make progress we’d better get on with it. Once we’re gone all our experiences will slip away, or at least that’s the message given to us by science or the saddening final soliloquy from Roy Batty in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. How does this make you feel? It makes me wonder about the importance…even relevance of legacy.

I would rather produce the most important art in one hundred people’s lives, than a CD buried among a thousand others…on the shelves (or iTunes libraries) of a million people who really didn’t resonate with it, but bought into the hype. Living in London has intensified this feeling for me, and I have found the revelation a beautiful comfort when things go a bit off kilter.

15% of the country’s population live in London. The capital is chaotic, full of novelty, and amazing people. I love being a tiny fish in a huge ocean. Most of what we do separately is as noticeable to the rest of the city as a fart in the desert, but when we find others who embrace the same mentality, we are presented with opportunities to make connections quickly.

You might think that the bigger the pond, the harder these people would be to find, but birds of a feather flock together, and seek each other out.

The artistic culmination of these encounters become social support networks and evolve into places like Shoreditch; once a fragmented […]

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