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    19/01/2017 – Obama’Hands Over the Keys’ Eve! Sawsound Presents: Bloom at New Cross Inn / Sim’s 30th

19/01/2017 – Obama’Hands Over the Keys’ Eve! Sawsound Presents: Bloom at New Cross Inn / Sim’s 30th

Obama ‘Hands Over the Keys’ Eve!


As the world turns a new corner, enters a New Year, and returns from the holidays, we and our friends would like to play you some live music in a Psych/Reggae/Alt-Rock /Jazz/Folk/Trip-Hop kind of vein. Check out links to each artist below. It’s also my 30th earlier Jan (too close to NY) so wanting to start the year with a gig. It’s the first from (a new lineup of) Sawsound in 3 years.

Four LIVE music acts:

Bloom (all the way from Brighton)
Sawsound (first gig since 25/01/2014)
Weird Sleeping Kittens (“addictive listening” )
Jesse Gamage (A voice from another place!)

£4 on the door 8-11pm (any profit will be donated to charity)

Warmest wishes for Winter and much love,


Venue info

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Right There Fred!

The latest soundcloud upload ‘Right There Fred’ (on the right) is the first of a dozen new tracks in our arsenal. We’ll be on tour starting in November, and taking us into next summer for some cool festival appearances in 2017. Dates announced soon.

Other projects have taken us around the world for the last couple of years, and now we’re back with a new lineup and a new vibe. Can’t wait to see you all soon. More later…

We are self-funded, no label, so very thankful for every like, share or word of mouth movement of our music.

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#7 Using the Whole Palette

Our most cherished moments are often seen as useful tools to inspire and propel us in our work, and through our every day life. We all develop appetites too – tastes we have tried, tested and returned to for a chance to experience how they made us feel for the first time.

Being able to describe these things in a specific and interesting way can be a very useful tool for a writer to possess. Think of Roald Dahl and all the amazing imagery he has conjured with his words…leading to countless adaptations of his books into many visual mediums.

There are many different tools, and they are all pieces of a whole. As human beings we often get tunnel vision, and it is always a thrilling experience for me to reacquaint myself with old experiences or objects; not for nostalgia, but to fuel the fire, keep things fresh and broaden my mind with nuances I might not have noticed before.

As I’m typing in my London flat I can hear rain and thunder from beyond the open kitchen door, and it is reminiscent of times stretching as far as I can remember, accessible only when I hear that crack in the sky. These accessible memories aren’t dependent on an emotional reference, only one of instinctual human attentiveness, committing them to memory. Of course our memory is our most vital creative tool.

There are also the devastating, tragic and traumatic experiences we have, that throw our sense of certainty around like a cat in a washing machine. To recall these moments and use them as tools might seem a macabre or unsavoury practice, but like our most cherished memories, these too are colours on our palette.

I am currently on […]

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Vote For Lettice!

Vote For Lettice Rowbotham in the Britain’s Got Talent Final.
Here is some live footage from backstage at Buddhafield Festival, when she last graced us with her presence on stage. Look at her go!

Go on Lettice!!!

As long as I’ve known her, Lettice has been a prophetic and inspirational spirit, using music as her language to guide her onwards, and with her pitch perfect improvisation she is unstoppable with a bow, She definitely meets any criteria for a tent related prize…no contest!

Please vote for our friend and a true artist on Britain’s Got Talent.
From all of us at the Sawsound camp, we wish you all the best Lettice!

#6 Like a Dwarf in a Urinal…

I’ve got to keep on my toes…

Working on a self-employed basis in London Hospitals thankfully helps keep me balanced, forcing me into a routine, if only for three days in the week. I won’t go into what I do; bringing it up only to highlight the contrast with the creative process.

In the creative arena things can swiftly shift between sublime streams of productivity, to a rehearsal where all that is achieved is a need for headache remedies. What’s your poison?

This contrast within my weekly routine and craving for balance has led me to record sound-bites of me shouting (at myself). I set alarms throughout the day when these go off. One says “Get the hell out of the bath!” and a couple of hours later another says “It’s too early for wine!” I’m sure most employed people have someone to do this for them; I do miss the sense of comradery in an office when a crack of a whip is heard!

There must be hundreds of books on the subject of achieving balance, but surely this is something personal, individual, and best discovered first hand. If we are the masters of our own destiny, then I have a problem understanding the authenticity of my own intuition. Who knows where that voice is coming from? How much should it be trusted, and what should be thrown out as delusion?

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.”
-Henri Poincare

Intuition seems to be the most valuable ‘commodity’; knowing what lies ahead. Some people seem to just instinctively or perceptively know what’s coming, and can crack their own whip in anticipation. I long for us to be free of the Machiavellian games […]

#5 – Throw Caution to the Wind

“I’ve seen things that you people wouldn’t believe. All of those moments will be lost, like tears in rain. Time to die…”

As artists there are many distractions and vices that keep us from our work. None of us have long to live, so when we get the chance to make progress we’d better get on with it. Once we’re gone all our experiences will slip away, or at least that’s the message given to us by science or the saddening final soliloquy from Roy Batty in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. How does this make you feel? It makes me wonder about the importance…even relevance of legacy.

I would rather produce the most important art in one hundred people’s lives, than a CD buried among a thousand others…on the shelves (or iTunes libraries) of a million people who really didn’t resonate with it, but bought into the hype. Living in London has intensified this feeling for me, and I have found the revelation a beautiful comfort when things go a bit off kilter.

15% of the country’s population live in London. The capital is chaotic, full of novelty, and amazing people. I love being a tiny fish in a huge ocean. Most of what we do separately is as noticeable to the rest of the city as a fart in the desert, but when we find others who embrace the same mentality, we are presented with opportunities to make connections quickly.

You might think that the bigger the pond, the harder these people would be to find, but birds of a feather flock together, and seek each other out.

The artistic culmination of these encounters become social support networks and evolve into places like Shoreditch; once a fragmented […]

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#4 – Tool VIP – Guitarist Adam Jones in San Francisco

Tectonic plates are shifting! Us Whitton brothers are taking time away from Sawsound as a band, putting that arm of this beast on hiatus for a while. We are both heavily into other music projects, three of which will release material soon. This site and blog will now become a consistent source of news on each project.

These blog entries are going to be regular now, every Tuesday and Thursday. This one is all about my recent experience with Adam Jones from Tool. The featured image is my Dad and I with Adam Jones, guitarist of Tool, who made a VIP ticket available on their site before recent shows in the South West of the States. I decided to take my Dad, making the trip that much sweeter, because he definitely needed some inspiration too!

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Tool, they are undeniably a band that has taken a very different position in the world of music. They didn’t play the media game, only release music twice a decade, and have always taken things very seriously. This made the generous gesture from Adam Jones all the more otherworldly!

First on the agenda was a two-hour Q&A session with Adam, where he talked about his involvement in Tool, played, and answered a myriad of questions. No pictures or recording of any kind was allowed, but then we were told that we’d each have a quick meet and greet with a photo (above).

There were just under a hundred of us, led into a room at Bill Graham Civic Centre in San Francisco on 12th March. We were immediately greeted by Adam’s stage setup!! A guitar amp and original guitar were there, waiting just as […]

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#3 – Are You Stimulated?

Are you stimulated when you see a live band? Is this affected by how genuine or honest the performance is? Why is this? The same could be asked of recorded music, but there are a greater number of elements to consider with music production, especially today.

If we as artists invite people to a gig to see our band, we have to be sure that we have a lot to give, and that we’re willing to give it. We have our ‘off’ shows for a myriad of reasons, but it’s just not fair on the audience if the performance is doomed from the start!

Rehearsal, communication, a good night’s sleep the night before; these things are crucial, but all are irrelevant if the music is insincere. Sawsound have always played to the very edge of our abilities, and if there is any extra energy left at the end, we will try to give it out in our performance. Posing does occur at shows, but not generally by us. We once played a show with the assistance of strippers, but that was a one-off…

Getting back to what stimulates, and what is genuine… As an audience member it would have to be the connection I feel through the performer. Far too often audiences face the disgraceful fact that they are being underestimated, and that the band has prepared something frustratingly palatable, lacking the bravery that we witness from a performer every once in a while.

Sawsound work hard onstage to touch the void, evoke an energy that is beyond us, and invite the audience to join us there. We don’t shove it down your throat, even if it is loud.

If we do not consider these things as artists and […]

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#2 – Inspiration vs Motivation

What inspires you? What motivates you? Until recently I didn’t spend enough time separating the two, sitting back and realising the difference.

A long time ago I threw away the idea that an art-based band has to have a ‘creative driving force’, a person whose permanent role it is to lead the band. It seemed that each person involved would need to lead the way at some point, when they would choose to. It’s all about listening to, respecting, and responding to one another, right? Other than inviting the morbidity of a ‘control freak’ situation, it’s simply leaning the project into the hands of just one person, which would surely defeat the whole purpose of being a ‘band’.

I believe the greatest tragedy occurs when one (or some) of the band members are made to feel like they are part of someone else’s project. I hear this all the time, this person is made to feel limitedly accepted in the band that they (often were) in. When they try to wear their heart on their sleeve and bring an idea to the table, it will probably just be rejected by force of habit.

This can just be a confidence issue, the lack of time they can contribute, shorter time in the band than other members, but it is probably the result of a bandleader running amok… as a ‘motivational dictator’ of sorts. This could be incorrect, depending on what you think the word ‘band’ really pertains to, or perhaps it’s just the methods by which a person leads. If everyone concerned is inspired then it should not matter, but what often occurs is that a whole band might just be ‘motivated’ to be together.

“What’s my motivation” the actor yells! […]


Do you ever find yourself packing an episode of your life into an almost Bikkuri-style film container – “done with”, never to be disturbed, cemented in your mind? It might be a strange metaphor, but I have always enjoyed the neat nature of those old camera film tubs.

Our recent release has been like this for me. The whole period of production halted almost every other aspect of my life, and afterwards I was left feeling like I just returned from a holiday, and to find the usual (for London) speeding tickets, yellow-box tickets, parking tickets…and a Neil Young ticket, which evened it out! The process was challenging though, in many ways.

I had experienced this before, while in the final year of my Music Technology BA, while studying for my Clinical Coding ACC exam (day-job), trekking the Grand Canyon, and a few other times. What they have in common is the initial mental resistance, the surrender of both body and mind, and finally…just fucking getting it DONE! Against the odds we shine our brightest – colliding apposing forces in a state of flow. A recent TED talk pointed out that stress is not to be looked upon as an enemy. Stress wakes our body up, making us concentrate and get in a state of flow! In a state of flow I feel grateful, humbled and very lucky to be alive.

We had just finished mixing the three new tracks (Dreamcatcher, Peekaboo and Novelty Machine), and the idea arose to add remixes to the release. The process of packaging the raw recordings into a palatable zip file for the remixers became an ordeal in itself.

To produce a remix of a song the remix artist must first possess the ‘stems’ – seperate tracks for every element in the […]

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