This is the home of the Sawsound – live band / music collective based in London. We make original music in a hippy chai style alchemic brew – notes of  reggae, Jazz, rock and blues among others are simmering right now, you’d better turn it up and give it a taste. “There is no thinking here, take off the MASK your face has fit to.”

FAQ 1. What does the name mean?

A: Synaesthesia – one sense activating another, i.e. seeing colour when you hear a certain sound.




Right There Fred!

The latest soundcloud upload ‘Right There Fred’ (on the right) is the first of a dozen new tracks in our arsenal. We’ll be on tour starting in November, and taking us into next summer for some cool festival appearances in 2017. Dates announced soon.

Other projects have taken us around the world for the last couple of years, and now we’re back with a new lineup and a new vibe. Can’t wait to see you all soon. More later…

We are self-funded, no label, so very thankful for every like, share or word of mouth movement of our music.

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#7 Using the Whole Palette

Our most cherished moments are often seen as useful tools to inspire and propel us in our work, and through our every day life. We all develop appetites too – tastes we have tried, tested and returned to for a chance to experience how they made us feel for the first time.

Being able to describe these things in a specific and interesting way can be a very useful tool for a writer to possess. Think of Roald Dahl and all the amazing imagery he has conjured with his words…leading to countless adaptations of his books into many visual mediums.

There are many different tools, and they are all pieces of a whole. As human beings we often get tunnel vision, and it is always a thrilling experience for me to reacquaint myself with old experiences or objects; not for nostalgia, but to fuel the fire, keep things fresh and broaden my mind with nuances I might not have noticed before.

As I’m typing in my London flat I can hear rain and thunder from beyond the open kitchen door, and it is reminiscent of times stretching as far as I can remember, accessible only when I hear that crack in the sky. These accessible memories aren’t dependent on an emotional reference, only one of instinctual human attentiveness, committing them to memory. Of course our memory is our most vital creative tool.

There are also the devastating, tragic and traumatic experiences we have, that throw our sense of certainty around like a cat in a washing machine. To recall these moments and use them as tools might seem a macabre or unsavoury practice, but like our most cherished memories, these too are colours on our palette.

I am currently on […]

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Vote For Lettice!

Vote For Lettice Rowbotham in the Britain’s Got Talent Final.
Here is some live footage from backstage at Buddhafield Festival, when she last graced us with her presence on stage. Look at her go!

Go on Lettice!!!

As long as I’ve known her, Lettice has been a prophetic and inspirational spirit, using music as her language to guide her onwards, and with her pitch perfect improvisation she is unstoppable with a bow, She definitely meets any criteria for a tent related prize…no contest!

Please vote for our friend and a true artist on Britain’s Got Talent.
From all of us at the Sawsound camp, we wish you all the best Lettice!